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Bánh Mì


We are a Vietnamese restaurant based almost entirely online.

We specialise in food from the southern region of Vietnam in the Mekong and Ho Chi Minh City

Customers can find us at City Pantry

90% of our food is gluten free and we cater for vegetarians as well.

Our Asian produce is either grown in the UK or imported from Vietnam.


Celebrating the best of Vietnam, we aim to surprise and invent with our Banh Mi as well as our soups, salads and other healthy alternatives.  We cater for offices when you’re having a big lunch so think of us and drop Whaam Banh Mi a line.


Available for delivery on City Pantry & Seamless.  Our Vietnamese restaurant has you covered wherever you are.

get in touch

We’re always looking for inspiration so get in touch.  Perhaps you could be the next guest Banh mi we put on the menu.? Or maybe you’d like to be part of the team? Whatever it is, we’re always keen to hear from people.

Our VIetnamese Banh Mi baguette

Our most note worthy Banh Mi came from time spent with bakers in Laos and Vietnam.  We proof for 9 hours before baking. Our bread recipe is our own and comes crunchy and light.  Catch us at the beginning of lunch to get the Banh Mi straight from the oven.


We’re now offering hot bento boxes for lunch only. You can choose from a separate menu especially for company lunches and meetings.

Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll send you the menu.


We’re now in the exciting new Mercato Metropolitano serving a new, expanded menu.  We’re also launching several markets by the end of the year so If you’d like to be a part of the team, drop us an email and we’ll get in touch.